Santo Domingo, D.R. July 13th, 2015 – The Dominican Consortium for Competitive Tourism(CDCT) announced the redesign of its institutional web portal and the creation of a new portal to certify Dominican Treasures .

“The purpose of these new websites is to spread the message of the work done by CDCT and its associates, increasing Dominican tourism competitiveness through the Cluster model, in addition to the efforts to promote sustainable tourism,” remarked CDCT’s President, Maximo Iglesias. is the main institutional portal and provides information on the purpose of the organization, its members and associates. It also presents projects currently being conducted and the results of past projects. The portal has a “blog” style section where the institution shows recent news as well as Success Stories. Additionally, this site includes a virtual library to allow users to review publications related to the institution.

During the presentation of this page, Karen Pannocchia, CDC’s Director, stated that “Both portals have an adaptable and cutting edge web design, with an interactive component adapted to new technologies, and with comprehensive functionality to enable user experience.”

On its part, discloses the certification, promotes certified accommodations, restaurants and tourist excursions in different destinations, providing a tool for the country that will generate a greater visitors flow to destinations and communities, both from the local and international population.

This web page has a space for each of the 52 existing Dominican Treasures, including information about products and services offered, a professional photo gallery, a promotional video, a map and a Galley 360, to allow appreciation of the beauty of each treasure.

Starlina Guerrero, Dominican Treasures Coordinator, stated during the press conference that the development of the Dominican Treasures portal will pull from anonymity many family and community micro-enterprises that have opted for a different type of tourism. These new visits will generate higher incomes, and tourists will enjoy memorable and quality experiences.

The portals are a result of the USAID Programs for Sustainable Tourism Empowerment, which ended mid last year.

The Dominican Consortium for Competitive Tourismmade this announcement sponsored by the Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster and the corporations El Catador and MANOU.


This document was produced with the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of the Cooperation Agreement No. AID-517-A-12-00001 implemented by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (CDCT). The content and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of USAID, or the Government of the United States of America.