Certification Fees and Process:

1. Approach-awareness process.

The tourism product or service is identified as a Dominican Treasures, and the required information on the enrollment process is provided.

2. Application. We fill in your registration form.

Once the establishment shows an interest in becoming a member, the technical form is filled in.

3. Inspection.

A technician inspects the establishment according to the standards established by Dominican Treasures and verifies if it is a member of a tourism cluster.

4. Application Evaluation.

The Selection Committee evaluates the application, together with inspection results.

5. Granting the Dominican Treasures trademark.

If the evaluation is favorable and meets the standards, membership fees are paid and the acceptance letter and participation agreement are signed.

6. Plaque presentation.

Dominican Treasures will grant a wood plaque along with a press trip, where cooperation will be required.

7. Auditing and renewal.

An annual audit by an independent firm will be performed to certify proper operation and verify compliance with the standards.


Evaluation results are notified individually by a letter to each establishment, according to results:

a)  Favorable: Compliance with trademark requirements is evident.

b)  With Remarks: Indicates opportunities for improvement to be performed by the establishment besides solving limitations specified within a stipulated time.

c)  Unfavorable: Due to non-compliance with trademark standards, certification is not granted.

The Dominican Treasures seal is granted to establishments that meet at least 70% total points and who are affiliated to a tourism cluster.

The establishment is entitled to a Dominican Treasures plaque which must be placed in a visible location, and is valid for one year.

Membership fees will depend on the type of company; that is, whether it is a member of the private or community sector.

Annual Membership Fees for 2015:



Dominican Treasures Acknowledgement Plaque:

Plaques granted to certified projects under the Dominican Treasures seal are made of “Palo de Burro” wood by handcrafters from the province of San José de Ocoa.

Each plaque is around 16 inches at its widest part, about 18 inches total height and around ¾ inch thick. The wood used to make the plaques has all permits required by law for transportation and processing. Besides, wood is obtained from trees being cut, victims of erosion, flooding rivers and streams, forest fires and tree felling due to road and housing construction. 

Plaque letters are made from “Palo de Burro” wood by artisans, with great dedication and patience, and then glued on to a previously shaped plaque in a full-scale pattern. They are pasted with yellow carpenter’s glue, guaranteeing resistance of the piece, as every single day, the pieces glued together become stronger. It is a handmade collector’s item.



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