There are 8 basic standards with their respective indicators from the standpoints of quality and environment, in order to obtain the Dominican Treasures seal:

1. Compliance with the Laws and Regulations.

Verify compliance with Dominican laws and regulations.

2. Operation.

Analyze established policies and procedures.

3. Service / Personnel.

Evaluate quality service, employee professionalism and customer care.

4. Prices.

Evaluate price-quality relationship for products or services.

5. Infrastructure / Building Facilities / Safety.

Evaluate infrastructure, accessibility and security procedures’ conditions.

6. Hygiene.

Verify infrastructure, personnel hygiene measures and safe food handling.

7. Environmental Management

Verify waste prevention and management, support for environmental conservation activities, environmental education and best practices.

The indicators described herein are used to verify behavior of the establishment with transparent and verifiable measures and serve as parameters for certification.



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