The Dominican Treasures’ seal was created with the financial support by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) aiming at expanding the tourism offer based on supporting tourist Mipymes (acronym for “micro, small and medium enterprises”). 

D’ Vieja Pan is a Dominican Treasures that seeks to maintain tradition and preserve culture.

This project located in Samaná was launched by Mrs. Benita (mother of ”La Vieja’’), who sold door to door traditional gastronomy brought to Samaná by the freed slaves at the time of Boyer. She made Johnny Cake, Yautía bread, English bread, coconete, cornbread, etc. This business has been this family’s livelihood, now in the third generation.

Albertina de Peña, better known as “La Vieja” (the “Old Lady”), used to run the business from her home, preserving the original recipe and the handcrafted instruments that she has kept and handed over to her children, who are now part of the business.  The three generations have been led by women, as now, the eldest daughter of’ “La Vieja” is leading the family team along with her mother.

The mandatory stop to “D’ Vieja Pan” is considered an important option for the cruise market that visits Samaná, as part of a complementary offer, rich with culture and tradition. This is why with USAID’s support, its facilities were remodeled.

This transformation was implemented based on a novel university competition which also became a model, since it integrated the university community in a real action by society, and achieved important propositions through multidisciplinary hotel and tourism, architecture and communication teams, who had to submit their propositions based on a set amount. These works were appraised by a group of experts from different institutions and with different expertise.

The result has been an innovation that increases local self-esteem, safe business handling courses for “D’ Vieja Pan” and its surrounding areas, cultural rescue, a sustainable and inclusive complementary touristic offer for tourists and, primarily, for cruise customers who positively impact the area. There has been an empowerment of its female owners who contributed themselves, and local and central authorities and institutions were integrated, as well as the University community.

This has been a successful project that deserves to be highlighted!

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This document was produced with the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) under the terms of the Cooperation Agreement No. AID-517-A-12-00001 implemented by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (CDCT). The content and the views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the opinions of USAID, or the Government of the United States of America.