The Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM) received 15 students from the School of Tourism of Colombo International University Foundation (UNICOLOMBO), from Cartagena, Colombia, for an academic exchange which, in its first stage, involves presenting “The Tourism Development Model of the Dominican Republic.”

As part of the program, Starlina Guerrero Martínez, Dominican Treasures Program Coordinator, shared the topic: Sustainable Tourism – Development of Tourism Cluster Models in the Dominican Republic – as well as the 53 products certified by Dominican Treasures so far.

Among the topics discussed stand out: Tourism Development in the Dominican Republic, presented by Clara Barriola; Cultural Offerings of the City of Santo Domingo, by Briseida Olivero, from the Santo Domingo Tourism Cluster; Tourism Promotion of the Dominican Republic, presented by Milka Hernández and the Role of Academia in the Development of Dominican Tourism, by Cristina Núñez, from the Department of Hotel Management (PUCMM/ Santiago).

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