The School of Tourism of Universidad APEC held a Teachers Update Workshop on Friday, May 22nd where the work and events carried out by CDCT were presented, in addition to details on the Dominican Treasures program. The purpose of this update for teachers was to start reinforcing alliances between CDCT and the academy, by encouraging participation of educational institutions in the process of implementing programs and events.

CDCT Executive Director, Karen Pannocchia, shared the stage with Ventura Serra, CEO of Occidental Hotels in the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Mr. Serra presented the current situation of tourism and its impact in the Dominican Republic, highlighting the indicators and major touristic patterns of increased non-traditional tourism and the importance of sustainable tourism activities facing the challenges of Cuba’s opening.

In addition, during the event, the country representative of the Dominican airline PAWA introduced the new airline, stating that it will operate in the airports of the Dominican Republic and that its goals to represent the country internationally. This new initiative embodies a major foreign investment in the country, mainly employing local human resources (90%).


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