Dominican Treasures is a project developed by The Dominican Consortium for Competitive Tourism Inc. (CDCT). A seal is granted to tourism products and services that meet quality and sustainability standards, based on the Global Sustainable Tourism Standards. This represents a symbol of trust, assuring a high level of quality and customer service, personalized attention and responsible business.

At present, it is a small sustainable tourism business network in the Dominican Republic offering food, accommodation in eco-lodges and boutique hotels, museums and tours which highlight authenticity. These tourism products are linked to the sustainable development model, based on the preservation of natural and cultural resources, the adoption of quality standards and best practices, in support of local crafts and community integration as a fundamental axis for development.



To identify, develop and promote products and services in the Dominican Republic that follow sustainable tourism practices and who meet a high level of a specific quality and social and environmental standards, facing domestic and international markets, to offer travelers originality, the autochthonous, environmental conservation and the quality of the place to be visited, at the patrimonial and social levels.



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